Executive Board

Pat Horbay, President

I have worked at Maple Leaf Food's McLeod Plant for 22 years and my current posting is Plant Service, with duties including cage washing, condensation and floor cleaning. I am the President on the Executive Committee of Local 248P. 

I ran to become our President largely due to my past experience as Chief Shop Steward, which gave me the opportunity to see how we can help our members make their work environment better and successfully deal with daily work-related issues. I also enjoy a challenge, such as negotiating with our employers to achieve strong collective agreements for each unit and working hard to ensure all of our members are treated fairly.

Some courses and seminars I have attended include: Labour Law, Collective Bargaining, Organizing, Union Counselling, Pensions and Levels One & Two Steward Training. I have also facilitated training sessions for our Union’s stewards. I'm very involved in coaching hockey, lacrosse and dirt bike racing, and I take an active interest in all political issues, particularly in Saskatchewan. I am very proud of the many accomplishments of my wonderful and supportive wife Sheri and our sons Josh, Tyler and Ryan.