President’s Message

I was voted in as President in February 2014 for a four year term.  I  look forward to working with the Executive Committee and our members during this time to make a stronger Union and our workplace even better.

I have been working at Maple Leaf Foods for the past twenty-two years, and have been involved in various levels of our Union for fifteen of those years.

Local 248P is a very diverse Union.  Your Union consists of five different organizations.  A meat packaging plant, a distribution centre, a canola oil plant, an egg plant and a Union Organizing office.  Each one comes with its own unique challenges.

My first year is going to be busy bargaining for a new Collective Bargaining Agreement in three of our Plants.  There always proves to be challenges when bargaining, but I look forward to meeting these challenges by working in Solidarity with each Bargaining Committee.

Local 248P has brought on an Organizer in our Union Office.  We are hoping to bring new Members in to our Union.  This would take a lot of work, but would be worth it if we can bring a better working environment to more people.

I am very proud to be part of Local 248P and to be representing it.  I look forward to all the challenges and adventures over the next four years.