Why join a Union?

Alone, workers cannot measure up against their employers.

  • To fight against inequalities and discriminatory practices, and seek elimination of favouritism: UFCW Local 248P can meet the challenges.

  • To be respected; Unionized workers enjoy better working conditions and better pay.

  • For protection of collective bargaining and to negotiate with employers as equals.

  • UFCW Local 248P defend workers’ interests and working conditions.

Forming a Union means…

Having the opportunity to be informed, consulted, and take part in the decision making process.

Deciding on working conditions and on how to improve them.

Sharing knowledge and demanding to meet workers’ best interests.

Preparing for the future…

To bring management’s arbitrary and unilateral policies to an end.

To face technological changes.

To plan and obtain job advancement opportunities to a safe workplace where workers’ health is not endangered.

Recognition and Respect…

Respect of our work and its value, and recognition of years of service.

Realization of working conditions in line with equality and justice for all workers.

Eliminate preferential treatment and obtain a fair share in benefits and profits.


Under Legislation, Unions are required to keep strictly confidential, meetings related to the organization of new members and signing of cards. No one will know you are involved unless you disclose it.