Support Services

UFCW Local 248P members can rely on their Union to support them in areas such as:

  • Collective bargaining

  • Grievance handling

  • Arbitration

  • And legal services

Collective Bargaining…

Your Union Presidents will assist your negotiating committee in preparing the creation and renewal of Collective Agreements, serve as spokespeople during the negotiation process and counsel your negotiating committee on bargaining strategies and trends to arrive at an agreement.

Grievance and Arbitration Handling…

Through its representatives, UFCW Local 248P provide services in terms of grievances. The representative argues the case in dispute with the Employer. Local Union members call upon their representatives for advice related to the filing of grievances and the arbitration process.

Legal Services…

Union members can rest assured that when required UFCW Local 248P retain the top labour relation lawyers in the field.


UFCW Local 248P primary objective is to serve their members. Each bargaining unit has a representative who gives assistance in the negotiation process and in applying the collective bargaining agreement.