Why Join a Union?

Welcome to UFCW Local 248P. Our organizers can explain what a Union is all about and what steps are required to join a Union. They can provide answers to questions you might have about the benefits of joining a Union and what your Employer can and cannot do.

What is a Union?

YOU are the Union – you and your co-workers in the workplace. By joining together with co-workers, you will have a greater ability to be more effective in working together to improve working conditions at your workplace. Workplace improvements are achieved through the process of collective bargaining, which concludes with a legally binding collective agreement, signed by the Union and the Employer.

What are the benefits or belonging to a Union?

Your Union’s goals in the workplace are set by the members and include such things as these:

  • Job security

  • Health and Safety in the Workplace

  • Equal Pay for Equal work

  • Employment equity

  • Fair wages and benefits

  • Dignity and respect

  • Democratization of the workplace

Legal right to join or form a Union

There are Provincial and Federal Labour laws to deal with these:

  • Job security
  • Ensuring you have the right to join and organize a Union
  • Protecting you if your employer disciplines you for joining a Union
  • Giving your Union legal recognition and
  • Requiring your Employer to negotiate with your Union

Your freedom to join a Union is guaranteed by the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and this right is protected by Provincial Labour Relation Codes.

If you are thinking about forming a Union at your workplace, you should be aware of the basic steps of the legal process.

This is the most basic lesson of the labour movement - workers are stronger when they face management shoulder to shoulder than when they stand alone. Almost all workers have the right to form and belong to Unions, and labour laws protect your right to join a Union and to participate in Union activities. If you are interested in learning more about organizing a Union in your workplace or find out more about how to join a Union, then contact the UFCW Local 248P organizer at www.ufcw248p.ca. An established Union has the expertise and resources to ensure you recognize any obstacles your Employer may try to put in place and that your Employer respects your right to organize and join a Union.