Training & Education

Youth Internship

UFCW Canada encourages young people to get involved in the Youth Internship Program which can lead to the opening of many opportunities for young union activists. Brother Mark Hennessy is a good example. Mark joined Local 248P in 1998, and worked at Mitchells Gourmet Foods in Saskatoon, (commonly referred to as the “Hog Plant”). In 2003, Mark became involved in the Youth Internship Program, and following that he became a delegate to the Saskatoon and District Labour. Three years later, Mark was elected as a Local 248P Vice President and a VP for the Saskatoon and District Labour.  In 2006, Mark left Local 248P and his job at the hog plant,  and moved off to Ottawa to become the Director of the Political Action and Campaigns Department for the Canadian Labour Congress.

In 2014, Mark came back home to UFCW Canada, as the director of the UFCW Canada national office’s Political Action department. Congratulations to Mark, and to other UFCW Canada YIP graduates who have added their activism and energy to building our great union.